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PebbleGo is your go-to database for animals, earth and space, biographies, and social studies!
Ask your teacher for the password!

Learn360 is packed with videos, pictures, and articles to help you with your research!
Ask your teacher for the password!

PBS Students has tons of great resources for your research!

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Discus Kids is your one-stop shop for information! Check out the awesome databases available for your research:

Animal Kingdom (Britannica Online) – Learn all about the animal kingdom! Information, photos, and videos about animals and their habitats.

Biography in Context – Hundreds of biographies of famous people from yesterday and today!

BrainPop Jr. – Have a question? BrainPop Jr. has the answer! Fun videos on dozens of topics in science, social studies, technology, and more!

Britannica Learning Zone – Fun activities to play, draw, read, and learn! For students from kindergarten to grade 2.

Britannica School Elementary – An online encyclopedia designed for kids like you! Pictures, maps, and videos about people, places, and things!

Britannica School Middle – An online encyclopedia for advanced readers with hundreds of articles, pictures, and videos!

CultureGrams – Want to learn about another country? CultureGrams has tons of information about every country in the world, including flags, maps, photos, and videos!

Kids InfoBits – Articles on every topic you can imagine! Learn about people, animals, plants, history, and more!

NoveList K-8 – Looking for a great book? NoveList can help you find just what you need! Fiction and nonfiction books, series, reference, and more!

Searchasaurus – Search dictionaries, encyclopedias, pictures, and more to find just what you’re looking for! Searchasaurus can help you find all the information you need.

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Citing Sources


The Kid Bib Toolkit helps you correctly cite your sources. Just enter the information about your source, and Kid Bib does the rest!

Free Images

These websites provide free images that don’t require citations or credit.
Imagebase Free Stock Photos
EduPic Graphical Resource